About Me

I’m Sharon and this is Peanut

I have two sons (Cameron and Logan) and we have lived in the lovely town of Burntisland since 2008.

We have a cat called Tom, and a puppy called Peanut and a couple of Goldfish. Peanut is a Pouchon which is a Bichon Frise cross with Poodle.

I have always enjoyed animals and have had cats throughout my life and was only recently that we decided to bring a puppy into our home. My children and I volunteered dog walking at a local dog rescue in fife for a couple of months until we decided to get one of our own.

Throughout my career I have worked mainly in offices and I took a career break to raise my family. I took up childminding during this time which enabled me to look after my young family and work at the same time. As my children are now starting their journey through high school it is time for a career change and one which would give me immense joy and satisfaction which would be working with or around animals. I’ve always loved animals so to change career to dog walking will be an amazing experience.  From a young age I was helping my uncle on his farm with his animals and wished I could have followed in his footsteps but unfortunately my path followed a different route.

I was a childminder since 2006 and have looked after babies from as young as 11 months, taking them to local toddler groups, through to play group and nursery years and then through to their school years. I was lucky to have been able to look after a lot of their siblings too from babies and they too are now joining school. Now my children are furthering their education into high school the time is right for me to follow my dream and work with animals.

I am fascinated with all animals, I love the zoo, wildlife parks and animal centres, falconry, wildlife etc. As well as our daft puppy, we have a 10 year old cat called Tom. We love our walks with Peanut, and we meet people and their dogs and give them cuddles and lots of attention. The dogs of the locals I meet now know me well and come running to me when they see me and its so fulfilling and enjoyable.

As I ran my own business as a childminder and as Chairperson of the local Toddler group. I am empathetic, well organised, professional and I have lots of experience with communication with parents, children, organisations, families and carers. I enjoy all animals, domesticated and wild and I enjoy interacting with animals and people alike. In fact, I’ll probably say hello to the animal first before the human. Never sure whether that’s a good thing or not.

My favourite things in the world (apart from my children) are animals and DIY. I regularly visit local Zoos and animal parks and am a member of the RZSS. I’ve grown up with cats and now we have an amazing and crazy puppy and I love taking him out and enjoying the Scottish countryside and beaches. I also was a volunteer dog walker for a local rescue centre and I wished I could take them all home.

I recently undertook an on-line course on Animal Care, Levels 2 to 4 (through Oplex Careers) and achieved a higher distinction. The subjects we covered within these courses include learning about cats, dogs, rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, chinchillas, gerbils, mice, rats, fish, horses, amphibians, reptiles and birds. I studied regulations and welfare, health and well-being, hygiene, as well as an animals basic first aid and bandaging, zoonotic diseases, parasitology, microbiology, diseases, basic anatomy, nutrition.

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