I aim to provide:

  • a good quality service
  • meet you and your pet’s needs
  • take care of their well-being, safety & happiness
  • provide entertainment for your 4 legged friend

Whilst giving you confidence that your pet is being well cared for.

I aim to have a good relationship with all owners and the animals I care for. I will work to meet your needs so that together we can ensure a great continuity of care for your 4 legged friend.

I recently undertook an on-line course on Animal Care, Levels 2 to 4 and I am now doing a course on Pet Sitting and Dog Walking and First Aid for Dogs. My next course will be Dog Training and Behaviour. I would also like to do a course in Dog Grooming but that will be in time to come.

I’ve read lots of books and articles on the internet about breeds, behaviour, training etc and will continue this practice on an ongoing basis.

I will continue to keep your pet’s best interest in mind and will help you to overcome any worries or concerns you have.

Before taking on any dog I will visit your home, meet your pup and collect all relevant information relating to you and your pup. This will also allow me to build a bond with him/her and interact.

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