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There are quite a few dog walkers in the town and I meet them regularly at the park or beach etc. this has been very beneficial with the socialisation of my own puppy as he has learnt a lot about the doggie world and what is or isn’t acceptable to a dog.. or owner. Having a new puppy is a work in progress and you learn as you go along, as does the puppy.


I hold Public Liability Insurance as I am responsible for any animals in my care and it is essential that I am properly insured in respect of the services that I provide on walks. I have also ensured that my business vehicle has adequate insurance for transporting your pup.


We will complete forms before commencing any service which will include registration information relating to yourself and your pet(s), medical information (historical and ongoing), behavioural traits, likes and dislikes, food requirements.


I will give you an invoice at the end of each week and a total value which is payable at the end of each week. You can either pay direct to my account (I will provide my bank details) or cash.


If during a trip or outing your dog goes missing and I cannot find them, either you or your designated contact will be called immediately and / or the police too. I will contact the licencing authority the following day if the pet has not returned to my premises.


To ensure the health and safety of all animals in my care, the following measures will be taken:

  • Animals will be well supervised throughout all activities
  • I will regularly check that any equipment is in full working order
  • Toys will be kept in good condition and replaced or removed when damaged
  • The First Aid box will be regularly checked and restocked when required (one for humans and one for dogs)
  • A Risk Assessment will be regularly completed
  • Records will be regularly updated
  • Pet toileting incidents will be cleaned and disinfected immediately


I will treat, to the best of my ability and my knowledge of First Aid any minor accident that occurs. If an accident is severe and medical help is required I will either take then to my vet (Inglis Vets in Dunfermline or your own whichever is nearer). You or your designated contact will be notified immediately. Please note that any bills will be payable by yourselves.  If the incident is minor, there is a local vet here in Burntisland and I will ask them for advice in the first instance.

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